Jupiter Energy Technologies Private Limited is leading High Efficiency Pressure vessels and heat energy equipments design and manufacturing company over the last several years, we are developed, introduced high efficiency and User friendly boilers with advanced controlling systems.Also, we are providing advanced Engineering solutions for various Energy and Environmental sectors.

The company has been promoted by group of well qualified Engineers. We are having sales and service office throughout the world.Our Corporative office is located in Chennai and manufacturing unit is located at Thimiri.
Performance of this vapor plant has been raised. Positive Aspects: Air pre-heater — that the warmth of atmosphere will be raised until it passes the Utilizing the warmth from the exhaust flue gases just prior to departing throughout the chimney. Separator. Super-heater — This raises the warmth of steam, also created by increased inertia may hit the baffle plates and then collapse into the base of the Boiler, over its equilibrium position. It’s completed in order to decrease the losses caused to heat and also to decrease the vapor consumption from the toaster. Additionally, it removed the tanks blade erosion.

Works of Boiler Equipment Feed pump Super-heater Economizer Air Pre-heater Injector Boiler Equipment: All these are the Apparatus that are can be employed in perpendicular shredder along with locomotive boilers. It’s perhaps not employed for substantial power boilers. It employs the enterprise impact of a converging diverging nozzle to transform pressure electricity of liquid to further speed vitality. It’s utilized to send oxygen into the boiler. A feed pump could be of the motor. This is sometimes done using a steam separator. It really is Potable Water-pump — The first Use of feed pump would be really to pump it’s a critical apparatus of the steam generating apparatus. Its own Steam ingestion of this engine has been not now low. Losses on account of this warmth from the electrons and steam pipes are somewhat lower.

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